[Tweeters] dawn drama

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 05:34:58 PDT 2014

Dear Tweeters,

The Steller's Jays nesting outside my bedroom window got the better of me this morning at 0500, so I went out there to see what they were squawking about. Last week when they were making this type of noise, it had been a Barn Owl that had them upset. The owl had been in "their" evergreen. Walking around the tree, I couldn't tell what it was, so I tossed a piece of wood up there. Sure enough, out comes a Barn Owl, with two Steller's Jays in hot pursuit.

For what ensued, I was not prepared. In retrospect, I wish I had stayed in bed and listened to the jays.

Down comes an adult Bald Eagle out of nowhere. He nails the poor Barn Owl, which commences making piteous squeals. Off flies the eagle with the still-squealing owl in its talons. Last I saw of them, the eagle was three hundred yards to the east, still flying at treetop level, clutching a limp white object.

I don't know why the barn loft wasn't good enough for that owl, but I wish I had not interfered this morning.

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

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