[Tweeters] Whidbey Island Bitterns - Thank You Paul Webster

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed May 21 18:29:14 PDT 2014

When I read in Paul Webster's post that he had
seen displaying American Bitterns on Whidbey
Island yesterday I contacted him to ask if he
thought there might be a photo op. His answer was
yes although a strong telephoto would be needed.
I followed his lead and visited Ewing Marsh on
south Whidbey and found 3 (maybe 4) Bitterns in
the open (although heavily camouflaged background
and at some distance) displaying just as he
indicated. Very fun to watch them (and hear their
bizarre "call"). Not an Audubon cover photo but
not bad given the distance (the Canon SX50 comes
through again). Also there were both Coots and
Pied Billed Grebes with their goofy looking (to me
not to them of course) offspring.

Elsewhere I was able to get passable FOY Photos of
both Olive Sided Flycatcher and Swainson Thrush to
add to the year's collection. Not a single
woodpecker and only a Killdeer for a shorebird but
a good day of birding. Thank you Paul.

Blair Bernson

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