[Tweeters] raptor population in east king co what do you see?

Dave Templeton crazydave65 at gmail.com
Mon May 19 18:18:24 PDT 2014


i believe i am seeing many fewer raptors in east king cunty than i used to,
at least in that part of king county along hwy 203 and carnation farm road,
including the roads around sikes lake. not that long ago, i could count on
seeing at least a half dozen red-tailed hawks on the power poles. once in
a great while a rough-legged hawk might show up as well. eagles were
fairly easy to spot. the snag at the end of sikes like often held one
eagle, occasionally two, and rarely, three or four.

maybe urban sprawl has driven birds further out into the boonies, or maybe
i'm just wrong.

has anybody else noticed this?



-- dave templeton

fall city, wa


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