[Tweeters] Deer O'clock

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun May 18 06:22:52 PDT 2014

Just hit the send button on my last post when a momma Black-tailed Deer walked by past the window with two little spotted fawns in tow. It is a nice little family scene, with the goofy youngsters cavorting about, and being groomed by mom.
Mom was here yesterday with one of her fawns, and the fawn crawled into one of my parents vegie garden boxes and hid out for a few hours while mom was eating all the neighborhood garden plants. I walked right past it several times without seeing it lying there. Mom tells those kids "sit down and shut up till I get back!", and they do. Keep that low profile.
My mom, out in the yard doing some Alzheimer's gardening (don't ask me about the details), was instantly concerned about this poor abandoned baby. " Shouldn't we call a wildlife center?" she asked. No mom, that fawn is fine, just leave it be.
Going down to the beach at Fort Worden one can see sign boards posting about leaving the baby seals on the beach alone. Just like deer, Harbor Seals don't got daycare. They just leave their kid on the beach while they're out snorting down some fish. "Be right back, Honey!" the mom say's.
So when out and about, forget about "saving" poor "abandoned" baby creatures. Leave 'em alone till mom gets back.
As I wrote this, I had to stop a few times to watch the deer family dancing around outside the window - real fun.
Jeff Gibsonparked in Port Townsend Wa

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