[Tweeters] North Bay, Case Inlet, near Allyn, Mason County

James McGough mcgoughj at gmail.com
Sat May 17 08:52:20 PDT 2014

As was noted in an earlier post, Tacoma Power has removed four towers that stood for many decades in North Bay, offering nest sites to osprey and great blue herons, and roosting for cormorants, gulls, and peregrine falcons.

A visit this week revealed that a nest platform has been erected on the hillside on the eastern side of the bay, under the power lines. There is nesting material on the platform, and at least two osprey in the area, but no sign of bird activity was seen at the platform during several days' observation.

One or two peregrine falcons were seen every day for three days perching on the single tower which has replaced the old ones, or using the platforms remaining from the old towers, to eat prey.

A common loon was seen on the bay nearby the power lines on each of three consecutive days, and Wednesday was heard making its "tremolo" call.

Jim McGough
Seattle WA
mcgoughj at gmail.com

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