[Tweeters] Great Horned Owl at MarDon Resort

Rex S. Takasugi rextak at msn.com
Fri May 16 09:45:49 PDT 2014

While having dinner Monday evening out on the patio at the Beach
House Café at MarDon Resort on Potholes Lake, we heard a hoot coming from
the large deciduous tree right next to the patio. It turned out to be a
large Great Horned Owl, and it was very cool seeing it from about 30 feet.
There was also a large juvenile in a slender conifer a little further away;
it is really amazing how it was able to hide itself in that thin tree so
that it was almost invisible. There was also a very visible, much smaller
juvenile in the pine tree out front near the entrance of the café.

I had taken my wife, Joyce, out for her once-per-year token fly
fishing outing to June Lake (just south of Marco Polo Lake in the Columbia
Wildlife Refuge). Joyce isn’t much into fishing (even though she landed &
released a 20 inch rainbow trout along with several other 12 inchers), but
she does like seeing the birds and wildflowers. Birds of note included
Also got to see a small rattlesnake up close and personal on the hike to the
lake, so watch your step if you do any hiking in that area.

Good birding!

Rex Takasugi

Kent, WA

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