[Tweeters] Green Lake Life

Lee Rentz lee at leerentz.com
Thu May 15 09:53:47 PDT 2014

Green Lake usually has something cool to see. Yesterday, after a jog around the lake, I went over to photograph the turtles sunning on their favorite logs, as well as the heart made of fresh flowers arranged on an old cottonwood stump that is maintained by a local woman and her family.

I had previously noted that the Red-winged Blackbirds near the turtle logs were really used to seeing people and would come within several feet of me. On this outing I noticed an elegantly dressed lady holding out her hand and having a series of the blackbirds landing right on her hand. Clearly they're used to being fed by someone. The lady, who seemed to have a British accent, had never seen a Red-winged Blackbird before, and she had reacted by instinct in holding out her hand. I did the same, and felt the tickle of the claws on my palms. Then the resident male blackbird saw a Great Blue Heron flying by, and tore out after it. I thought it was going to land on the heron's back, but it just buzzed it. Never a dull moment.

As I said, it is always an experience at Green lake, between the guitarist busker with the gruff personality, the guy who has a sign offering Spanish lessons while walking, another guy who has a sign offering free hugs and kisses, and the touchable Red-winged Blackbirds. What could be better than combining bird watching with people watching?

Lee Rentz
Shelton, WA
lee at leerentz.com

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