[Tweeters] Suitable bird habitat may be more limited than previously believed

Diane W diane_weinstein at msn.com
Wed May 14 20:10:41 PDT 2014

The following is an interesting study on road noise.

“This experiment broadcasted recorded road noise in a roadless area, which enabled the researchers to separate noise effects from other impacts of roads. Birds were identified and counted at sites inside the broadcast area during noise-on periods and noise-off periods (simulating day and night), as well as at control sites with no broadcast. There was a 28% decrease in the number of birds along the "phantom road" when noise was on - 2 species avoided it entirely. This is an important consideration for wildlife managers. Since 83% of the U.S. is within 1 kilometer of a road, suitable bird habitat may be more limited than previously believed.”


Diane Weinstein

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