[Tweeters] Juanita Park - 5-13-2014

Denis DeSilvis avnacrs4birds at outlook.com
Wed May 14 09:46:42 PDT 2014


Just a quick note - Yesterday, MaryFrances Mathis led a bird walk at Juanita
Park for the UW Retirement Association birders (eBird report I put together
is in link, below), and found 45 species, most of which are the usual

Three highlights:

We found a male and female AMERICAN WIDGEON among the other ducks. These
appeared to be definitely paired up - and to the two of us, this seemed very
late for this species to be in the area - the last report I see on Tweeters
that specifically mention American Widgeon is March 16th, although it could
be that some of the Big Day birders have seen them, and that others haven't
mentioned them because AMWIs are pretty ubiquitous through the winter and
early spring. Anyone else seeing paired-up widgeon still around?

MaryFrances spotted (pun intended) a SPOTTED SANDPIPER on the north shore of
marshland bordering the bay.

A Red-winged Blackbird was feeding a fledged juvenile blackbird at the end
of the boardwalk to the west. This seemed fairly early for fledged
blackbirds. (Some Red-winged Blackbirds at my home are still in the
nest-building stage.)

View this checklist online at

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis

Roy, WA

avnacrs4birds at outlook dot com

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