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>> Karen and I went to Ellensburg on 5/2 to take part in the monthly Kittitas County Audubon walk in Irene Rinehart Park (Ellensburg) on 5/3. The other participants were helpful and friendly. The group was small ranging from 5 to 9. The leader, Steve Moore, was excellent and we saw many good birds including a Western Scrub-Jay, an American Dipper, a Western Tanager, a Wilson's Warbler, a Cassin's Vireo, a Black-headed Grosbeak and a Bullock's Oriole. We were given tips on where to bird including seeing nesting Great-horned Owls in West Ellensburg.


>> On this trip we also went to Fort Simcoe State Park in Yakima County to see Lewis's Woodpeckers. They were easily found within a few minutes of leaving our car. This was a unique birding experience because there was an historical reenactment taking place including cannons and rifles being fired. Also, the wind was blowing so strongly that any bird that took flight shot by us at a high speed.


>> Birds that we saw or heard, but were unable to photograph included two Mountain Chickadees in the Cle Elum Cemetery, a Sora in West Ellensburg and 23 Caspian Terns on a sand bar in the Columbia. The sand bar was exposed since the water level had been lowered due to the crack in the Wanapum Dam.


>> Three days later we returned to Cle Elum with Paula Crockett and had another enjoyable day of birding.


>> Here are the photos from the trip.


>> https://www.flickr.com/photos/ljcouple/sets/72157644250063327/

Incidentally, we learned that you can get permits (for free I believe) to access all of the PSE land around the windmill farm on the Old Vantage Highway. I don't know if this would present any birding opportunities. The permits are available on site. This was new information for us.


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