[Tweeters] Lincoln County Shorebird/Gull/Tern Migrants

Isacoff, Jonathan isacoff at gonzaga.edu
Mon May 12 20:14:55 PDT 2014

>From Lincoln County, WA: Passerine migration has been very slow but shorebird and gull/tern activity quite good. Sightings from the past few days include:

SEMIPALMATED PLOVER - Old Kuck's Road South of Davenport; 3rd bird of season so far
Bonparte's Gull - A nice flock of about 55 birds has been on Sprague Lake the past few days
COMMON TERN - 1 bird with Bonaparte's seen today
Black Tern - 3 at Sprague; 18 at Fishtrap ponds along I-90 seen today

This follows up on a pair of SANDERLINGS and a HUDSONIAN GODWIT seen over a week ago, for an excellent spring shorebird run.

Good birding,
Jon Isacoff, Spokane

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