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Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Sun May 11 19:49:49 PDT 2014

After posting this, I received photos showing that this loon has been at Tokeland since at least May 4th. Probably, it’s still there.

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From: Michael Hobbs
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Subject: Arctic Loon at Tokeland

This afternoon, Matt Bartels, Sharon Aagaard and myself had our state big day interrupted a bit by finding an Arctic Loon inside the marina in Tokeland.
The bird was in nonbreeding plumage with very obvious white flanks. The forehead was steep giving the bird a blocky square-headed look. The entire top of the head and back of the neck were evenly slate gray with a very clear neat demarcation between the dark and pure white lower face and front of the neck. Therr was no hint of a chinstrap.
It was a highlight of an otherwise successful day.

= Michael Hobbs

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