[Tweeters] Eurasian Collared Dove, American Goldfinch, and Black-headed Grosbeak

drsybert at northtown.org drsybert at northtown.org
Sun May 11 19:26:26 PDT 2014

For the first time EVER at my feeders here in central Lewis County,
there was a Eurasian Collared Dove today. Actually, he did not go to
the feeders, but instead sat in the tree where they were hanging (and
were full of birds) for some time, and then flew away. Since I already
feed hundreds (well, that might be an exaggeration) of those voracious
Mourning Doves, I would not be disappointed if the Eurasian did not

Although the EC Doves were quite common in northwest Missouri when I was
there in 2004-2007, I had not seen one since I returned to Washington,
so I looked it up in my bird book just to be certain. (I offer that
evidence for those gentlemen who always accuse me of being mistaken
whenever I see unusual bird. Not that I think it will stop them,

In addition, this is the first day this year that I have seen goldfinch
at my feeders--two pair who hung around all day. Usually, there are
several pair that nest here on my five acres each year, so I hope these
are staying. They were eating the Niger this year whereas last year,
they seemed to prefer the sunflower seeds.

And the Black-headed Grosbeak returned today, also. Several pairs of
them who chased the Jays away from the suet only to be displaced by the
Flicker! Guess I need to add more suet to the menu. Of course, the Jays
and Grosbeak returned eventually. In addition to the newbies, there
were the usual nuthatches, chickadees, towhees, purple finches, song
sparrows, and robins. Well, the robins weren't at the feeders; they
were under them on the bare patch of dirt there, eating worms of which
there are myriads in the soil here.

Darlene Sybert

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