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Sun May 11 12:35:05 PDT 2014

We've been down here for a week and found it a very different place than the previous visits in 2011 and 2012. The first time was normal, the second was flood and this time is drought. With less than 100 yards of open water along the causeway, the connection with Harney Lake is no more, the water control structure water passage being 4 or 5 feet above present water level. The south part of the refuge has plenty of water as does Burns with its flooded fields and sewage treatment lagoon. The weather was miserable for the last week with occasional showers (grapple yesterday), high winds and temps between 30 and 48 degrees. It mostly cleared up on Sunday with a few clouds, low winds and much warmer temps. Lots of birds to see at Headquarters as the migratories come through (including W. Tanagers, Bullock's Orioles, Nashville, Macgillvray's and Yellow Warblers, also Gray, Hammonds, and other flycatchers). 10-15 Lazuli Buntings mostly on the feeders but moving through the trees and in the sagebrush. One Lazuli-Indigo hybrid has been seen by some. A few Black-chinned are around and one Rufous and one Calliope Hummingbirds were seen last week. The Boat Landing Rd. past the Headquarters is the most productive area in the north. You have to go south around Benson's Pond and beyond for the most productive areas.Lots of Glossy Ibis and White Pelicans seen in wet areas. A few Long-billed Curlews, mainly around Burns.

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