[Tweeters] Discovery Park this morning (5/10/2014) - Seattle, King Co.

Evan Houston evanghouston at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 15:44:26 PDT 2014

Hi Tweeters,

Jen Kunitsugu, Matt Jensen, and I met up early for a leisurely, lengthy stroll about Discovery Park this morning.  We walked almost 9 miles during our 7 hour stroll, and despite there being lots of areas of inactivity, we came up with about 62 species, with the following highlights:

- 1 Pacific Loon
- a few Marbled Murrelets close in off West Point
- 1 Barred Owl
- 1 Cassin's Vireo - singing and briefly seen
- 1 House Wren - first heard singing near "Bird Alley", and it kept on moving around and turned back up by the Utah Wetland and checked out the "Purple Martin" gourds.  Only my second KingCo record.
- 1 MacGillivray's Warbler - singing early in the morning near the visitor center
- other migrants included Black-headed Grosbeak, Western Tanager, Hammond's Flycatcher, and Black-throated Gray + Townsend's + Wilson's + Orange-crowned Warblers.  We couldn't come up with a single Yellow-rump during our entire outing!

A few pictures and videos of the birds can be found at the eBird checklist, including Jen's distant but diagnostic photo of the House Wren:

Good birding, 
Evan Houston 
Seattle, WA

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