[Tweeters] Skagit Great Egret; huge tree falls

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 17:02:31 PDT 2014

Dear Tweeters,

My coworkers asked me this morning (May 9, 2014) if albinism were common in Great Blue Herons. Turns out they had spotted a GREAT EGRET on their ways to work, so they weren't far off!

This bird was still there at the corner of SR 20 and Helmick Road, in the mitigation wetland of Northern State Recreation Area, when I made it over there at 1620 this afternoon.

My other news relates to a stupendous bigleaf maple that fell on my property at 0300 today. No one had suspected that this giant had been rotten at the core. On its way down, it pulverized several gates, took out my power lines, blocked my driveway, and trashed the west end of my century-old barn. A brood of hapless baby Starlings are cheeping from within the debris pile right now, over twelve hours after the crash; I am not sure whether the parent birds can get in to feed them.

As I was wading through thigh-deep, soaking-wet pasture grass, in an effort to get off my property and into a coworker's car, so I could get to work, I flushed a SORA, just a few meters in front of me! That Sora is, thus far, the only good thing to come of this minor disaster. We will sorely miss the enormous maple tree, but at least no pets, livestock, or people were hurt.

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

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