[Tweeters] Re: Sleeping Lady White Headed Woodpecker

Blair blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu May 8 19:17:17 PDT 2014

We ended our birding/fishing trip with visits to the Sleeping Lady Resort and the National Fish Hatchery in Leavenworth this afternoon. We spent over 2 hours all told. Main target was a White Headed WP. None were found but probably just bad luck (and not so good weather) as they have seen at both places according to staff (very helpful and friendly) at both places.

The nest holes (and least 3 possibilities ) at Sleeping Lady are all at or near the Merganser Building near the main office. They have been seen there more than once within the week but not in any hole.

At the Hatchery there is supposedly a nest in a snag along the canal (turn right after crossing the bridge). We saw at least 5 snags with nest holes but no birds. In fact it was pretty quiet there. A hiker said she had seen them there (and also on the Icicle Ridge trail) recently.

We saw numerous Nashville Warblers and a mix of other "usuals" and that was about it. Earlier on Dempsey Road, we again had many Nashville and other usuals and we "MAY" have heard a White Headed drumming in the distance.
-- Blair Bernson

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