[Tweeters] Bird Book for sale

Craig Merkel quetsal48 at comcast.net
Thu May 8 17:08:27 PDT 2014

I have an 1892 copy of the Catalogue of the Picaria in the collection of the
British Museum by R. Bowdler Sharpe. It's volume XVII (17) out of around 25
total in the set which was published between the 1870's and 90's. There are
about 20 pages with color plates. They're not numbered so I guessed. I have
not included photographs on purpose since I don't think they would represent
the book as it is. I do not own the book, it belongs to Black Hills Audubon
Society and I am selling it for them. If you are interested in buying it you
may contact me personally.

Craig Merkel


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