[Tweeters] Rainer Audubon Vashon trip: Rails respond to Latin music

Ed Swan edswan at centurytel.net
Thu May 8 14:09:15 PDT 2014

Yesterday we had great weather for the Rainier Audubon Vashon Island trip.
We saw mostly the usual suspects with the Wood Ducks posing nicely at Fisher
Pond along with the sun catching some Tree Swallows using a nest box there
just right to show off their brilliant blue.

The funniest part of the trip happened when we stopped where Monument Road
runs into Quartermaster Drive. There are wet fields on both sides of
Monument Road here with Virginia Rails hiding in them. I heard some while
the others were still walking up and then the rails were quiet. So I tried
to use my phone to play the call off the Cornell website. For some reason,
even though that app was off, my phone started belting out a song by Selena.
The rails found it very interesting and began responding immediately. They
came calling to within a couple of meters of us but they're so amazing at
camo in the vegetation that we just could not ever see them. The rails have
been noted here several times lately. This time was right around noon when
I usually associate them more with the early morning or evening.

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