[Tweeters] JBLM FOYs

Rod Gilbert rodgilbert1 at comcast.net
Thu May 8 05:50:58 PDT 2014


Unlike Denis enjoying a cold one from his viewing deck yesterday, I was
working essentially across the street from him in the south part of the
Artillery Impact Area on JBLM which backs up to Roy. I'm not surprised that
he has House Wrens moving into new territory at his home. There seems to
have been a steady increase in these guys over the last few years, most
likely a result of all the snag creation we have done on base through both
girdling and prescribed prairie fire. It seems like there are House Wrens
everywhere this year. Yesterday I had three FOY birds for JBLM. The ash
trees along Muck Creek were loaded with singing Yellow Warblers, who must
have just arrived. There was a solo singing Black-headed Grosbeak, and a
pair of Rough-Winged Swallows chased each other at very high speed over the
prairie. Last Saturday I had a FOY Western Kingbird flycatching off one of
the siebert stakes in the one of the butterfly areas in the AIA (siebert
stakes mark no driving areas). Fortunately he wasn't catching endangered
butterflies but small black flying insects that I only see in the prairie.
Most of the base has been closed all week for cleanup that happens twice a
year, but some areas start to re-open next week with proper access from
Range Control. I would advise folks not to access the Training Areas on base
unless you have permission from Range Control. Many areas are now off
limits for ESA species and entering one without permission might result in a
ESA violation ticket.

Rod Gilbert

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