[Tweeters] Large flycatcher at Stillwater

william boyington wrboyington at msn.com
Wed May 7 17:56:56 PDT 2014

Hello tweeters,

This morning I was birding along the trail south from the Stillwater reserve parking lot nearest the store at Stillwater. High in a tree just south of the first bridge one comes to was larger (7 inch range) brown bird with a long tail. Dark eye in dark face, with overall dark bill, a flycatcher-like head, it had a whitish throat and breast turning to yellow down below. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good look at the tail through the leaves. There appeared to be wing bars, but I was viewing it from below. After a few minutes to study well especially the head and front of the bird, it flew down behind trees and bushes on the west side of the trail. Despite not seeing the clinching rufous in the tail, I'm comfortable with what I did see that it was a Myiarchus flycatcher.

Good birding,

Bill Boyington

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