[Tweeters] Yakima River Report - Staggering Numbers of Yellow Rump Warblers (and many other good birds)

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue May 6 18:22:07 PDT 2014

We got off a beautiful Flyfishing float of the
Yakima River about an hour ago. Earlier I
reported the incredible birds and number of Yellow
Rumps at the Cle Elum Railroad (RR not RD) ponds
this a.m. Actually had mis-estimated the number of
species seen. We actually had 37 species in about
15 minutes. And the incredible presence of Yellow
Rumps there was a continuing theme on the river.
They were everywhere. Our float lasted about 7
hours and went about 7 miles. In addition to
excellent fishing, the birds were great and we
rarely could not see or hear (or both) Yellow Rump
Warblers. They were in trees, on bushes, on rocks
in in the river and in the air. There is no way
to tell accurately but I believe that 500 would be
too low a "guesstimate". We also had many
hundreds of Swallows - mostly Violet Green but
also many Cliff, Rough Winged, Tree and Barn and a
few Banks. Additionally there were many Vaux
Swifts - never saw more than 3 at a time but saw
them often. Other warblers seen and/or heard
included Nashville, Yellow, MacGillivray's (just
1), Orange Crowned and both Common Yellowthroat
and Wilson's which were heard only.

I have floated the river many times and at many
different times during the year and I have never
seen so many Yellow Rumps - not even close.
However we saw no Orioles or Tanagers which was

Blair Bernson

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