[Tweeters] The Band-taileds are Coming

Russ Koppendrayer russkope at gmail.com
Mon May 5 21:11:12 PDT 2014

Hi Tweeters,

I stopped on the frontage road opposite the heronry at the Port of Kalama
early this afternoon to check for Great Egrets that have nested there for
the last few years. No sign of any egrets, but I was met by an amazing
sight. All the railings of the walkway at the grain elevator were filled
with BAND-TAILED PIGEONS. Looking around there were Band-taileds perched on
many of the rail cars and in many of the trees that were just budding out
and a constant flow of pigeons flying past - sometimes in groups a large as
100, but always pigeons in sight mostly going north along the Columbia with
a few peeling off to fly east over my head. In about 15 minutes I estimated
2000 BAND-TAILED PIGEONS had flown past. suddenly as if on some cue all
nearly all the perched birds lifted off and circled a bit before heading
north. Another massive flock of possibly 2000. That would make 4000 a
conservative estimate in a 15 minute span in one spot. I was amazed having
never experienced more than about 100 in one migration flock before.

Russ Koppendrayer
Longview, WA
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