[Tweeters] Ruston Way Pigeon Guillemot pair

Greg Pluth gjpluth at gmail.com
Mon May 5 19:54:52 PDT 2014

This morning while birding Ruston Way, Tacoma, I got pretty good close-ups
of guillemots, best images so far for me. While watching, I did see the
bright orange-red gaping mouth which is part of there breeding display.
Then, I believe I very possibly discovered that they may be nesting on the
rafters below one of the many buildings that stand over the water. Has
anyone else noticed this before? Is it a regular nesting situation for
them? According to my resources, they commonly use other nesting sites.

Rock Pigeons use these rafters by the hundreds. Maybe the guillemots got
the idea from them.


Greg Pluth
University Place
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