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A friend sent me this - a moving and interesting video of the release of a rehabbed Andean Condor:


Interested in the "back-story", but not knowing Spanish, I sent this to some folks I knew would be interested in it, and one of them, Lori Markoff, a "Tweet", took the time and energy to look up the back-story and use an online translator to get the basic history of this bird - I'll share that here, too:

Well anyway, after watching the video you sent I wanted to know the story so I googled it and found it on this website: http://www.elesquiu.com/notas/2014/3/29/sociedad-319008.asp I translated the story using Google translator because I don't speak Spanish either. I pasted below in case you would like to read it. Thanks again for sharing! Lori

An emotional day yesterday lived Portezuelo slope when Environment Secretary of the Andean Condor libero was in the ZOO of Buenos Aires where he healed him and feed him , then return it to the county to be released.

At the ceremony, the Secretary of Environment and CPN Armando Zavaleta was present , along with representatives from the ZOO of Buenos Aires and the Andean Bio Foundation. Before liberation corpachada ceremony was performed by Professor Mario Toro.

Sayani is a sub adult male was found on December 27, 2012 by police in the town of Ambato , Catamarca unable to fly . Quickly was referred to the facilities of the Animals . Once stabilized , with the support of the Aerolineas Argentinas Foundation, Bioparc Foundation, Grand Parc Puy du Fou in France and SOS Faune Sauvage, was referred for rehabilitation to the Zoo of Buenos Aires as part of the Conservation of the Andean Condor . Health studies generated by the technical staff of Buenos Aires Zoo revealed dehydration , average body condition and low weight. The picture, presumably due to poisoning. During this process had to do chelation treatments for blood lead contamination .

Fortunately his condition was improving, making it possible to complete rehabilitation . For release in Zone Antenna , Summit Ancasti , Catamarca , where the species has natural roosts .

It prior to its release , an educational campaign was conducted in schools , talks with local communities and broadcast media , to raise awareness about the importance of conservation of this species and the balance of its environment.

Sayani thus joined five (5) condors were rescued and released in the Province of Catamarca. The Binational Andean Condor Conservation Program reintroduce be achieved , with 139 condors throughout South America .

Enjoy !

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