[Tweeters] Some notes from Franklin & Columbia Co (05/03/2014)

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Sat May 3 20:02:11 PDT 2014

A Golden-crowned Sparrow was at the shelter entrance at the foot of 18th Ave in Pasco this morning. Chiawana Park in Pasco only yielded Hermit Thrush and a small flock of Chipping Sparrows. 2 basic-plumaged Common Loons were yodeling to each other briefly on the Columbia just off the boat launch.
3 pairs of Avocets were at the Taylor Flats ponds, a pair of Black-necked Stilt at the wetland off Pasco-Kahlotus Rd (near Midday Rd). I immediately fond a Grasshopper Sparrow at the WDFW/Audubon site off Blanton Rd and Smith Canyon Rd produced several Lark Sparrows and Long-billed Curlew.
Palouse Falls SP had many White-throated Swifts. 2 Turkey Vultures crossed from Franklin info Columbia Co, as did 2 White Pelicans. At Lyons Ferry, Lesser Goldfinches were again on both the fish hatchery and the state park side.
I was surprised to see a White-throated Swift at Tucannon HMU in Columbia Co. There were lots of Yellow Warblers and House Wrens singing, obviously new arrivals. Among the many swallows was a single Bank.
Closed the day out at the Dayton cemetery (where I ran into MaryFrances) and we got Lesser Goldfinch, singing Townsend's Warbler and several Cassin's Finches.
Stefan SchlickHillsboro, OR

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