[Tweeters] Birding by Bus Big Day

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri May 2 22:37:43 PDT 2014

On a glorious day after May Day, 6 of us (Sharon, Joanne, Carl, Evan, Jordan and myself) visited the 3 big Seattle parks—Discovery, UBNA and Magnuson—exclusively by bus. Our objectives were to see the new arrivals as well as to break our record of 101 species from last year. We succeeded by accumulating 106 species; although we missed some desired birds (Nashville and Yellow Warbler; Black-headed Grosbeak), we did encounter some surprises. Notables follow:

Brant (2) - off West Point
Blue-winged Teal (3) - UBNA, Shoveler’s Pond
Cinnamon Teal (5) - UBNA, University Slough, Main Pond, Shoveler’s Pond
Harlequin Duck (2) - below the railroad trestle at Ballard Locks
Hooded Merganser - Magnuson Park shore lagoon
Ruddy Duck - UBNA, University Slough
Pacific Loon - well out from West Point
Sora - UBNA, calling from near Main Pond
Least Sandpiper (3) - UBNA, flying over meadows
Pigeon Guillemot (3) - breakwater below Ballard Locks
Marbled Murrelet - West Point
Rhinoceros Auklet (4) - 2 pair, West Point
Mew and Ring-billed Gull - West Point
Caspian Tern (4) - Individual fly-overs at Discovery Point
Barn Owl - heard kleaking near nest boxes at Magnuson
Peregrine Falcon - seen flying over locks while we were lunching at the Red Mill
Hammond’s Flycatcher - near Utah wetlands
Warbling Vireo - more than a dozen at Discovery Park
Hermit Thrush - near south parking at Discovery
American Pipit - fly-over, calling, meadows at UBNA
Orange-crowned, Black-throated Gray, Townsend’s, Wilson’s Warblers - many of each at Discovery Park
Chipping Sparrow - south parking lot, Discovery
Fox and Lincoln’s Sparrow - between south parking and visitor center at Discovery
Western Tanager (3) - Discovery Park and UBNA
Evening Grosbeak - fly-over at Discovery

Many thanks to my very capable companions.
Scott Ramos

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