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arizona m brdchser at gmail.com
Fri May 2 21:08:21 PDT 2014

Hello, Don't know if my posts are showing up or not, maybe doing something
wrong. Anyway, when the annual hoards of migrating White-crowneds come
through, when I hear/see the first Golden-crowned, I figure the
White-crowneds will mostly be on their way. I was surprised that all the
singing had subsided three or four days ago, with few White-crowns left
around. Didn't seem to be as many, or for as long. Today, 5-2, I heard a
Golden-crowned, over a week earlier than before. The Western
Kingbirdscame a little early, and no Say's Phoebe for the second year,
after 40
years of one always singing in springtime up on the canal. Climate
change? Ask our fine, feathered friends!

Keep on birdin'
Arizona M
Grant County
brdchser at gmail.com
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