[Tweeters] Chambers Lake JBLM-Warbler Bonanza.

mcharest at wamail.net mcharest at wamail.net
Fri May 2 14:18:58 PDT 2014

I finished a job and cut out of work real early today to bird Chambers
Lake on JBLM and try to find MacGillivray's Warblers. I was rewarded with
some great birding in warm weather, oodles of warblers and 4 Cassin's

61 Species, 7 Warbler Species and 5 MacGillivray's had arrived on the
south end of the lake where they have been found in past years. Beyond the
bridge, 50 yds past where the pavement ends. Four Cassin's Vireo were in
the same area. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S18182660

5 MacGillivray's Warblers
48 Yellow Warblers
8 Orange-crowned Warblers
26 Yellow-rumped Warblers
23 Common Yellowthroat
9 Wilson's Warblers
1 Black-throated Gray Warblers

Chambers Lake is a restricted area that requires a range control pass, and
is open most of the time. Range passes can be acquired for free at Range
control on the base and they are good for two years. It only takes about
20 minutes and it is really worth it if you frequently bird Pierce County.

Unfortunately, I found out today that one of the best Range areas for
birding, TA15(also known as the 13th Division Prairie) is closed to all
recreation until further notice. Effective Nov 4th 2013, TA 15(the left
side of 8th Ave as you go out) was closed to protect Streaked Horned Lark
and Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly. TA14(the right side of the road) was
closed to recreation several years ago for the same reason.

A daily recorded message tells you what training areas are open to
recreation (253)967-6277. I have been wondering why TA15 has not been open
on the recorded message for several months now, so I called their office
line and found out about the long term closure. Pretty unfortunate. I was
hoping to finally get a Pierce County Vesper Sparrow out there.

Have a great day,

Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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