[Tweeters] A Couple Spectacular Days in Neah Bay

Brad Waggoner wagtail at sounddsl.com
Thu May 1 20:37:40 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I have always agreed completely with Jim Danzenbaker's ending statement
to his Battle Ground yard reports - "keep your eyes and ears skyward". I
too am often looking skyward, and over the last few days in Neah Bay, I
was sure glad I did. Something a bit quirky was going on with hawk
migration, and I suppose it would be easy to point the finger at high
pressure and very strong east winds region-wide. I stumbled upon a wood
bench and a overlook about 2 miles up a gravel road that heads up to the
top of Bahokas Peak to the west of Neah Bay. The road is about a mile
west out of town. On Wednesday, in a two hour hawk-watch, I was rewarded
with 7 SWAINSON'S HAWKS (9 total for the day), and 4 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS.
I was able to photograph a few of the Swainson's Hawks and two of the
Broad-winged Hawks. Today, I followed up with 2 more Broad-winged Hawks
from the hawk watch bench and a Swainson's in town. There could have
been much more going on today, but most of the action was a bit distant
and to the east of the town. To top it off I had a final Broad-winged
Hawk on my way home on the grade that heads up hill near Crocker Lake in
Jefferson County. I was able to photograph that one as well. I did have
a few migrating immature GOLDEN EAGLES over the last few days to go
along with all the hawk fun. It might be worth hawk-watching over the
next few days!

A few other highlights today included one BREWER'S SPARROW in the cow
field across from the Hobuck entrance building, a VESPER SPARROW along
the back road into the Waatch River Valley, and two YELLOW-HEADED
BLACKBIRDS in town on the school football field.

I have some notes to add to my eBird lists along with uploading some
photos, so I best move on.

Cheers and good birding/hawk-watching,
Brad Waggoner
Bainbridge Island
mailto:wagtail24 at gmail.com

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