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Thu May 1 16:30:17 PDT 2014

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It was a pretty fabulous day at Marymoor Park today. Michael is still out of town, so Brian, Sharon & I led a group of up to twenty on a day full of highlight first of year birds with the weather going from pleasant right up through sunny and into the beginnings of warm.

Highlights for the day:

Nine first-of-year birds:
YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD - I think only the 3rd for the park, seen early flying from the southernmost conifers by the mansion towards the soccer fields north of the pea patch.

BULLOCK'S ORIOLE - one flew over from near the normal nesting area in dog central [where the herons are nesting] -- it flew towards the mansion and we didn't see it again.

BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK - several singing, good views of one or two males.

WESTERN TANAGERS - after struggling to get glimpses of one way up in a cottonwood, we found a small tree with four of five in the middle of the dog area.

YELLOW WARBLER - one posed, singing for extended periods. Maybe another one singing later

BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER - one at the southeast end of the off-leash area.

WILSON'S WARBLER - a few singing, one seen decently.

WARBLING VIREO - several singing, great looks at a couple

SORA - one 'queeping' at us from the marsh boardwalk [along with a couple very close Virginia Rail that managed to remain invisible despite being at our feet].

Other fun birds:

Evening Grosbeaks - several fly-overs, eventually I think most everyone got looks at them.

Cinnamon Teal - one bright male in near the south end of the slough.

American Pipits - a couple early in the fields near the climbing rock

Barn Owl - one hunting early, seen from the model airplane field and the viewing mound.

Out on the lake, we had a Western Grebe and a probable loon [most likely Common, given history] waaaay out there.

Baby Great Blue Herons are in at least one or more of the nests at the heronry. Baby Anna's Hummingbirds at the Rowing Club nest. Baby Mallard clutches in a few places.
Osprey, Bald Eagle & Red-tailed Hawk all seen on nests, as well as Black-capped Chickadee and Northern Flicker at nest holes.

Five mammals [deer, bunny, squirrel, beaver, coyote]

All five woodpeckers, six warblers, fun crowd .....

I believe our total for the day was 72 species ---

Throw in first of year Cassin's Vireo & Evening Grosbeak seen over the past week by Sharon, and I think our year total is at 122.

Yeah, a good day.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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