[Tweeters] BW Teal at Fill...Thank You George for Your Real Time Post

Blair blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu May 1 12:38:40 PDT 2014

I resolved this year to try to post real time when possible to help others find good birds. As Dennis Paulson always reminded us, birds do have wings and use them, so often if a bird does not hit tweeters or EBird until that evening, it will be gone when someone seeks it the next day. George Pages did a real time post for a Blue Winged Teal at the Fill. I saw it as I was heading downtown to drop off my car for service and had just enough time to stop by and hopefully get a good picture in the bright sunsine.

It had been at Shoveler's Pond but apparently had been scared off by "a photographer" so I missed it. Also did not see the Solitary Sandpiper at Main pond which was listed at the Kiosk. But lots of birds even in a quick walk... singing Common Yellowthroats in abundance together with very active Yellow Rumps. Cinnamon and Green Winged Teal and at least two Mallard broods.

Completing the circle route I found a Warbling Vireo in with more butter butts and now running late I had to decide whether to try Shoveler's Pond again. Sure why not and sure enough Mr. and Mrs. Blue Winged Teal had returned affording great photos in the bright southern light.

Thank you George. :-)
-- Blair Bernson

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