[Tweeters] Edmonds Eurasion collared doves 4-30-14

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 10:24:01 PDT 2014

Wednesday (4/30) , I saw three Eurasian collard doves in a backyard in Edmonds. The next door
neighbor told me that the doves had been hanging around her house for
several days.  According to Sibley's, it is an introduced species
spreading throughout the US.  I recall past discussions on Tweeters about its prevalence in the PNW in general and Washington state in particular. 

Two birds were on the roof and one was in the grass. Unlike the two on the roof, the one in the grass had black spots on its feathers and no black ring on the back of its neck. Juvenile???

Scroll to the bottom of page 30 for photos.
Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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