[Tweeters] Mtn. Bluebird, Sequim.

bruce paige BBPaige at nikola.com
Mon Mar 31 19:19:58 PDT 2014

There have been Mtn. Bluebirds reported twice from the Jamestown/ Dungeness area in the past 2 days, so I made several trips to the appropriate areas without finding them. This evening, what the heck, I took a break and just walked near our home. Wouldn't you know, a male Mtn. Bluebird fairly sparkled in the full sun as it chased midge swarms from a corn patch near Schmuck Rd. over and over. That breast is just so, so blue! It was within just a few hundred yards of where a small group of bluebirds were found last winter.

Bruce Paige

spruceak at yahoo.com

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