[Tweeters] Snoqualmie Valley birds

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Mon Mar 31 10:26:24 PDT 2014

This past Saturday, Tiffany Linbo and I led a Seattle Audubon field trip to
several spots in the Snoqualmie Valley. Our intrepid crew was not fazed by
the sometimes torrential rain and added a level of enthusiasm that made the
effort worthwhile. There were periods of more pleasant weather and several
interesting sightings that eventually totalled 66 species for the day. Some
noteworthy birds included the following:

Cackling Goose - several small flocks all day, all heading north
Trumpeter Swan - many dozen still in and around the Tualco Loop area,
including the prison farm pond
American Bittern - one bird flew across our field of view from the
Snoqualmie River Trail at Stillwater
Turkey Vulture - a few, several places in the valley
Rufous Hummingbird - several places
Red-breasted Sapsucker - calling at Carnation Marsh; also at Stillwater
Northern Rough-winged Swallow - a large flock mixed with the Violet-greens,
at Chinook Bend
Orange-crowned Warbler - singing loudly at Tolt-MacDonald Park
Common Yellowthroat - male put in a brief appearance at Stillwater
Purple Finch - quick look, also at Stillwater

Scott Ramos

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