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Hi Tweets,

I just sent a copy of this (with the posts printed out) to some mostly non-Tweeters friends who are nature lovers - but perhaps some of you will appreciate this compilation of posts and articles that spoke to me about and were examples of the importance of doing natural history and/or helping contribute to the much-needed knowledge of the interconnectedness of all things on our planet.

The following are for the birder, observer, scientist, citizen scientist, artist, nature lover, life appreciator and others. Armed with more and more tools, electronic and otherwise, and realizing an increasing need for sensitivity to the world of living things around us, how can we not continue to contribute to the giant, complex puzzle of how to keep this planet and its inhabitants going and growing in sustainable and positively productive ways ? It can start with watching a bird, noting some behavior, getting or creating a visual of the experience, and sharing these things with other humanity, one way or another. And finally, taking the steps of appreciating and thanking the folks who have helped us acquire more and more knowledge and enthusiasm for something about nature (not just birds!) -- very important.

Here's a list of some of the recent posts that spoke to me on the complex topic of the decline and the (to me), obvious need that exists and grows, for the continuation of and increase in the value of natural history, in any of the myriad of ways that we can broaden our knowledge of it:

Date = when post was submitted, not necessarily when it was on the digest:

March 26 - Michael Hobbs - "20 Years at Marymoor"
March 27 - Michael Hobbs -" Marymoor Park - 1st walk of my 21st year"
- Joy & Craig Johnson - "4 Wren Comparison & Birding by Car at Crockett Lake"
- Clare McLean - "Re-invigorating the practice of Natural History (article) and 2 inspiring sites on the topic" -
the site on the project really inspired me...
- Sharon Cormier-Aagaard - "eBird report for Lake Sammamish State Park for March 25"
- Dianna Moore - "marbled godwits, and GHOW in Peregrine box"
- B&P Bell - "RE: Michael Hobbs' post about his 20 years at Marymoor"
- Hal Opperman - "recovering natural history"
March 28 - Andrew McCormick - "note of public thanks to Michael Hobbs for his 20 years..."
- Dennis Paulson - "Re; Michael Hobbs' 20 years at Marymoor"

almost daily - Caryn of Wedgwood - "hummingbird nest occupants and progress" - !

Thanks to one and all for your contributions.

Barb Deihl
North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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