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Many years ago an old birder & I discussed that subject. He got me to
invest in a "Swift" Victory (Model 828--and I have no idea if they're still
available) 10X42's. They're tough, rugged, and waterproofed! I know, cuz
they've been swimming without me at least twice that I know of :)!
But, the most salient feature on them that caused me to agree with him was
the short focus distance. I can stand there and look at my toes in perfect
focus! Yes. I know. Not much interesting to see there to be sure. But
when you can focus down to around a meter it makes it great for insect
watching, flowers, as well as close up observing of tiny hummingbird nests
and the like.
Dusty Bleher, Lake Stevens
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Thanks so much for all the great recommendations! I looked on the Cornell
site for their survey and I had my eyes on the Nikon Monarch 7. The 8x42
got great reviews but wondered about the 10x42 for additional distance. I
am also easy driving distance to Wild Birds Unlimited in Olympia to try some
out and also the Cabela's in Lacey. I received a gift card for my birthday
to B&H photo and was hoping to make my purchase there since they seem to
have very good prices.

A friend of mine let me try her Canon 8x25 with Image Stabilizer and another
friend has a very old Bushnell 8x40 that I tried when I first went out
birding with her.

Decisions, decisions..

Thanks again! :)

Rochester, WA
(13 miles south of Olympia)

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