[Tweeters] What made this mud construction in a nest box?

Rachel Lawson rwlawson at q.com
Wed Mar 26 09:44:54 PDT 2014

I answer the email at Seattle Audubon, and last week we received a message
asking us to identify an odd construction in a nest box. My colleague at
the office and I have never heard of anything quite like this. If anyone
would like to make a guess about what combination of birds, mammals, and/or
environmental effects produced this thing, the description is below. There
also are some photos, which I will forward to anyone who is interested.
Please reply privately, and I will send your responses to the owners of the
nest box.

Rachel Lawson

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Subject: What bird makes a mud floor nest?


We live in Goldendale, WA. We cleaned out our nest boxes for the upcoming
season. The largest box approximately 10"X22" with a hole diameter of 4"
had a nest inside with a hardened flat 1" mud/dirt floor over 2-3" of pine
needles. The box is about 7' off the ground just inside from a meadow in a
stand of oak and pine trees.

Thank you very much. We hope you can solve this mystery.

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