[Tweeters] Cheasty Bird List; Fun meeting tonight

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 10:26:57 PDT 2014

Hi all,

First of all, Go Dianna Moore and the Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival!!!

Next, Delia and I went up to Cheasty Road and just birded the short stretch by the Greenbelt Saturday March 22  between 3 and 4 pm.  Here's our list:

1. Golden-crowned Kinglet
2. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
3. Brown Creeper, abundant and singing
4. Song Sparrow
5. Am. Robin
6. Am Crow
7. Red-tailed Hawk (perched inside the greenbelt hunting)
8. Red-breasted Nuthatch
9. Downy Woodpecker
10. Steller's Jay
11. Northern Flicker
12. Bewick's Wren
13. Rufous Hummingbird
14. Bushtit
15. Black-capped Chickadee
16. Cooper's Hawk

Then for the second time in a week Delia's alert eyes caught a mammal I missed.  A Mountain Beaver crossed Cheasty Road into the greenbelt.  This may be an abundant mammal, but it was a life-mammal for Delia and would have been my second sighting ever--if I'd seen it.  She described it as looking like a mustelid without the slightest hint of athleticism.

The Parks Dept. is way out of line on Cheasty. 
Here's a leaflet with five reasons to oppose the conversion of Cheasty Greenbelt into Cheasty Mountain-Bike Mud-Pit.


The meeting is tonight at the Jefferson Community Center at 3801 Beacon Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98108.  6:30 to 8 pm. 

It would be wonderful if some tweeters came along to enjoy the fun.

Best wishes,

Ed Newbold Wildlife Artist 

ednewbold1 at yahoo.com

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