[Tweeters] Kittitas County Birding/Teanaway

Mason Flint (Live) masonflint at live.com
Mon Mar 24 10:46:01 PDT 2014

I spent the weekend skiing up the north fork Teanaway valley. The weather
was beautiful but bird activity was pretty quiet up in the snowy zones.
Nothing rare but I still saw a few cool birds including:

Rough-legged Hawk - One beautiful bird on the North Fork road just above
West Fork Rd

Wild Turkey - flock of 15 birds on Teanaway Rod about two miles below West
Fork Rd

Mountain Bluebirds - Several along the north fork road below 29 Pines

Ruffed Grouse - single bird just below 29 Pines

Pine Grosbeak - flock of 8-10 birds close to Camp Lake

Common Redpoll - flock of +/- 20 birds about half mile above West Fork Rd.
I've been up there quite a few times and this is the first time I've seen
Redpolls. I checked Michael Hobbs CBC results and see that they saw a large
flock somewhere along the Teanaway this winter so apparently they're around.

The snow is melting fast. A month ago there was fantastic show well below 29
Pines. This weekend we had to hike up the road from 29 Pines to get to good
skiable snow. The bonus is that the poorer coverage seems to have caused
many of the snowmobilers go elsewhere or put them away for the season. We
saw only one group over two days.

Good birding (and skiing),

Mason Flint

Bellevue, WA

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