[Tweeters] Holy Woodpeckers! Mount Spokane and nearby

Tim O'Brien kertim7179 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 23 17:11:54 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I haven't been up to Mount Spokane State Park in awhile so today I made it count!  I hiked in on the Lower Kit Carson loop road (first hairpin turn parking lot) and traveled up and across Trail 100.  I first went up 100 about 200 yards past the intersection that heads to Smith Gap.  I was following woodpecker drumming and the very first one I found was a female Black-backed Woodpecker!  County lifer!  Then on the other side of the trail there was more drumming and it was a male Hairy Woodpecker.  All around this area were at least two very vocal Pileated Woodpeckers, too!

I then descended to the trail 100 branch that goes to Smith Gap.  Just before making the last climb up to Smith Gap, I followed my ears to some more drumming that took me off trail to where I had seen a Northern Goshawk last Spring in the same area.  I found the bird and to my astonishment it was a male American Three-toed Woodpecker!  Wow!  I got photos of both the ATWO and the BBWO and will post later.

With this luck, I headed back to the car and thought I better try for Terry Little's Lapland Longspur he had at Peone Prairie yesterday.  I made the loop around Holcomb and Madison Roads and found an early Red-naped Sapsucker about 50 yards past the creek crossing on Holcomb.  It was a male and was not happy with a couple Downy Woodpeckers that were working the same area.

Then finally at the Peone Praire wetland, I heard and saw the early Yellow-headed Blackbird.  There was one Tundra Swan with the many ducks in the water.  No longspur or larks to be seen in the early afternoon.

It turned out to be a SEVEN woodpecker day!  Awesome!

Tim O'Brien
Cheney, WA
mailto: kertim7179 at yahoo dot com

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