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So ir seems fear of humiliation or lack of interest runs deep in tweeterdom. At least Jeff can spend his beer money on himself.

Here we go with the answers.

One of the biggest reasons Flammulated Owls are so hard to find is that there are so few of them, only 12,000 NA individuals as calculated by the breeding bird survey.

One of the biggest reasons you have probably never spent much time with a White Wagtail is because you live in an location where they don't hang out, but there sure are a lot of them on earth, 868,000,000.

Lots of Robins too, 300,000,000 in North America, but they are American Robins and the global population is only 3% more.

The species on the list with the second lowest estimated NA population is Vaux's Swift at 340,000 and Vaux's Happening has it figured closer to 250,000.

Heres the complete list.

White Wagtail global population estimate 868,000,000
American Robin NA 300,000,000
Common Yellowthroat NA 83,000,000
Gray Jay NA 20.000.000
Downey Woodpecker NA 14,000,000
Rock Pigeon NA 12,000,000
Anna's Hummingbird NA 4,000,000
Belted kingfisher NA 1,700,000
Vaux's Swift NA 340,000
Flammulated Owl NA 12,000

Now wasn't that fun.

Larry Schwitters

On Mar 21, 2014, at 9:40 PM, Larry Schwitters wrote:

> So you think you know your birds? Last year Partners in Flight issued their population estimates, most of them based on the Breeding Bird Survey, for most of North Americas land birds. See how many of these ten species you can correctly match with its population estimate. If you have no fear of humiliation post your list to the entire group. Jeff Gibson will buy everyone who gets them all right a beer.


> No cheating!


> Rock Pigeon North American estimate

> Downey Woodpecker NA

> Belted kingfisher NA

> Anna's Hummingbird NA

> Vaux's Swift NA

> Flammulated Owl NA

> Gray Jay NA

> American Robin NA

> White Wagtail global population estimate

> Common Yellowthroat NA


> 12,000

> 340,000

> 1,700,000

> 4,000,000

> 12,000,000

> 14,000,000

> 20,000,000

> 83,000,000

> 300,000,000

> 868,000,000



> Answers tomorrow


> Larry Schwitters

> Issaquah

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