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March 25 at Whatcom Museum at 7 P.M. all are welcome ..it's free.
General Membership Meeting with Julia Parrish it's not Rocket Science, it's
Citizen Science: the Power of Real People

In spring 2005, hundreds of marine birds washed up on Pacific Northwest
outer coast beaches. In fall 2007, almost fifty murres floated in to
usually empty Puget Sound beaches. In summer 2009, thousands of wayward sea
ducks washed ashore along the Olympic Peninsula. What provoked these
die-offs? Are they connected? How do we even know about them? The Coastal
Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) is a citizen science program
bringing together over 600 real people with marine scientists from the
University of Washington. Since 1999, COASST has collected data on over
30,000 beached birds (144 species!) from more than 320 coastal locations
throughout the North Pacific. These real data from real people form the
definitive baseline against which the impacts of oil spills, fishery
bycatch, harmful algal blooms, and global warming can be assessed.

Julia K. Parrish is the Lowell A. and Frankie L. Wakefield Professor of
Ocean Fishery Sciences, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and
Diversity in the College of the Environment at the University of
Washington. An expert on the natural history, ecology and conservation of
marine birds, and author of many scientific articles and books, Julia has
spent the last 20 years roaming the seabird colonies and beaches of the
North Pacific working to understand the forces affecting coastal marine
ecosystem health.

Whatcom Museum, Rotunda Room of the Old City Hall March 25 at 7 P.M.

happy birding
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