[Tweeters] Mima Mounds: Mountain and Western Bluebirds

Deborah West olyclarinet at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 12:44:17 PDT 2014

We were able to visit Mima Mounds this morning. We took the long southern loop. In addition to hearing several western meadowlarks, we also saw both mountain and western bluebirds. We got a definite id on one western bluebird and four mountain bluebirds. (We id'd the mountain bluebirds numerous times but they kept flying ahead of us so I do not know how many we id'd more than once. I do know there were at least four as we saw them at the same time.) We saw and heard the meadowlarks after we passed the turnoff for the "short cut trail." The bluebirds were seen in the general area of the short cut trail and also along the rest of the longer trail. Along with the bluebirds, there were two yellow-rumped warblers--Audubons.

At the far end of the southern trail, 12 to 15 birds suddenly flew; don't know whether they were startled but we certainly were. They were flying into the sun and took us by surprise but, from what we could see, the group appeared to be mainly bluebirds with possibly a couple robins among them. One was definitely a western bluebird. I suspect the majority were mountain bluebirds.

We saw the female kestrel closer to the paved trail. Did not see the male on this trip.

Deborah West

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