[Tweeters] Re: Gyrfalcon back @ 127th - thanks and an RFI

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Thu Mar 20 18:33:18 PDT 2014

I don't know if you have an iPad or iPhone, but I have found iBird to be a
great app for making sightings in eBird user-friendly to download and use.
You can also use eBird directly but somehow I find it harder to do.

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Thanks, Blair, for posting about seeing the Snoho Gyr yesterday, probably as
well as on eBird, as I was told there were 3 sightings of this same (?) bird
near Snohomish this past week, posted only on eBird. As eBird isn't
something I am likely to register any birds on (it's all I can manage to do
my Tweeters searches and posts), I certainly appreciate when some of you
eBirders do a little post about your finds, especially if you are aware that
there has been some discussion of your bird(s) on Tweeters.
Anyone else notice that the tone and topics on Tweeters has been changing,
now that eBird draws off a bunch of Tweets who are primarily interested in
listing? No complaints from this Tweet - just something I've noticed maybe
in the past year or so. Interesting how it goes...
Question: Can one just 'lurk' on eBird, but not post sightings? Seems
that, previously, when I looked into eBird, I would have to participate by
registering and reporting and it would have difficulty 'just looking' as
folks do on Tweeters. Any suggestions are welcome.

So, an RFI re: the Snoho Gyr - if any of you saw it today (Thur.) or see it
this next week or 2, some of us would welcome news thereof on Tweeters, even
if you report it on eBird.

A chorus of thanks to all you Tweets :-)

Barb Deihl
North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle
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