[Tweeters] Re: Strange encounter in Fremont

jack bettesworth jrbett at live.com
Thu Mar 20 10:42:00 PDT 2014

The Kenneth Trease report and link to his very nice photos on (Tues, Mar 18)
are of a nearly 3 year old Male Cooper's Hawk (Blue, 0-line-R, right leg).
He was banded as a recently fledged juvenile from a nest at Woodland Park
Zoo in August of 2011. Prior to this current report there are two other
sightings reports from the Queen Anne neighborhood.
Thanks to those of you who forwarded/directed this sighting report to me.
These reports from the public are useful/valuable data points and are always
welcome. Contact information on this and other research studies can be found
at www.WOS.org/research . You will also find information there on how to
report these sightings to the Bird Banding Lab. under: Reporting.
Thank you all.


Jack Bettesworth
jrbett at live.com

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