[Tweeters] Eastern Washington Trip Additions: Caspian Terns and Probable Swainson's Hawk

Blair blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Mar 19 08:20:48 PDT 2014

In my enthusiastic report yesterday of the weekend's visit to Eastern Washington, I forgot to include that we had some early Caspian Terns in Walla Walla. I also may have seen the same Swainson's Hawk reported by Shep Thorp and Bruce Labar. It was a very quick look at a bird flying east as I was driving fast going west perhaps 4 miles west of the Quilomene parking area. Darker head to throat, pale chest and belly without belly band and darker primaries from below contrasting with paler wings. I did a u run but not quick enough to remind the bird. So not a good enough look for certainty and it seemed early so I felt it may have been yet another Red Tail variant. Looking through lots of photos after seeing She's report and confirming the former they saw as consistent with what I felt I saw, I think it likely it was indeed a Swainson's. Go find it.
-- Blair Bernson

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