[Tweeters] Bushtit nests in the San Juan Islands

Sarah Sloane sloane at maine.edu
Tue Mar 18 16:42:44 PDT 2014

Hi all,

First: thank you to everyone who has responded to my call for nest-building bushtits. It looks as though they've just begun!

I'm in the San Juan Islands now and it's relatively easy for me to get out to any of these islands within a day to watch bushtits building nests. So right now I am most interested in finding nests being built on any of the 4 islands that can be reached by the inter-island ferry. I found a nest today on San Juan --- very early stage being actvely built by two adorable featherballs.

So, if you are on the islands, and find a bushtit nest, I would love to hear about it and its location! I won't bother it; I just want to watch it.

Thanks in advance,

San Juan Island, WA

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