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J Christian Kessler 1northraven at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 12:04:20 PDT 2014

As an Eastern birder for 50 years before I moved to Seattle in 2008, I
found that Bewick's looks, sounds, acts so similar to Carolina that I had
to really focus -- knowing it was a different species -- to see that it was
a different species. I would suggest that someone get in touch with the
author of the report and ask about familiarity with Bewick's and how to
distinguish the two. That may be more likely to provide insight than
trying to find one possible Carolina among all the Bewicks in the park.

Chris Kessler
back East in body, left my heart in Seattle (no apologies to Tony Bennett)

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 2:45 PM, Christopher Hinkle <
christopher.hinkle2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wayne brings up a good point. Carolina Wren is very unlikely. However,

> more improbably occurrences have happened. The report matches Carolina

> better than Bewick's (would Bewick's really look "buffy" below?) and the

> reporter claims familiarity with the species.


> At this point we don't know what the bird is, but the report is

> intriguing.To dismiss this bird out of improbability seems imprudent.

> Someone should go check it out.


> Cheers,


> Chris Hinkle


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