[Tweeters] Juncos

Don McVay dmcvay at peak.org
Mon Mar 17 07:48:09 PDT 2014

Hi Tweets,

The spring issue of the Indiana University Alumni Magazine has an interesting article: "New View of a Common Songbird". The article is based on the research involved in a film recently released by IU: "Ordinary Extraordinary Junco: Remarkable Biology from a Backyard Bird". The film is an 88-minute documentary showing the Junco research by several IU biology professors over a 40 year period. The film is available free for screening and downloadable at: juncoproject.org

We wonder if WOS or Seattle Audubon would be interested in showing the film for discussion purposes since the Junco is the most common of our backyard birds?

Don and Sandi McVay
Queen Anne
dmcvay at peak.org

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